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“The Bible verse that best describes my journey in serving Christ through Chiropractic.” by: Skyller Stickfort
Skyller Stickfort
“Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age. “                                                           -- Matthew 28:19-20
The Great Commission is often seen as one of Christ’s greatest calls to action. The reason I think it is one of the greatest commandments is because it is the purpose for my life. The purpose of Christ’s life was to show us the Father’s love and die for the world’s sins. Before He left us, He gave us the purpose for our lives, which is to show others why He lived and why He loves them. I grew up in a very conservative church that always talked about the need for missionaries. I was always told that the greatest work you could do in life was become a minister and travel the globe preaching the name of Christ. This was always tough for me to hear because I felt like God hadn’t given me the gift of ministering, and if I pursued anything else, I would be going against His will. So I initially had this rebellious feeling inside me that God gave me other passions in life, but I wasn’t allowed to pursue them. Thankfully, I was eventually taught the truth of how we can serve Christ in a multitude of ways. When I learned this it really clicked inside of me that God had given me the gift of compassion for others and the desire to help them. I was instantly captivated by Chiropractic and knew this was how God wanted to me to serve Him and advance His kingdom. When I came to this realization, something else clicked inside of me also, and it’s this notion that we need to always know the “how.” As a culture, we always want to know how we get to the finish line, how we make a million dollars, or how we lose weight in only ten days. But we forget the “why.” Why am I doing what I am doing? I believe that is the most important question to God. He wants us to forget about how and leave that up to Him. He wants us to focus in on what the “why” of our life is, and when we get that aligned with Him, the “how” will follow.
.   Skyller Stickfort is a student at Northwestern Health Sciences University in Bloomington, Minnesota and will graduate in December 2016.  He became a member of the CCA in 2015.
The why of my life is to make disciples of many nations and teach them what Christ taught us. What I didn’t know was how that would happen. When I aligned my will with Christ’s will for why I would serve Him, it was suddenly clear how I could do that. He showed me one of the greatest professions on this earth and showed me how I could use Chiropractic to further His kingdom. Christ himself was the greatest teacher and healer to ever walk this earth, and to know I’m following in His footsteps is the greatest “how” I can imagine.