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FOR   SALE:    Davlen   Design   waterfall   front   desk   for   sale.   $1,900 or   best   offer.   Pictures   on   request.   Fully   modular   and   assembles easily.   Ph:   908.350.7179   E-mail: .   Posted July. 30,18 ___________________________________________________ SCOTTSDALE     AZ     -     PRACTICE     FOR     SALE:     Beautiful Scottsdale   Arizona   AK/Diversified   practice   for   sale.   Busy,well established,high   profit/low   overhead.The   clinic   is   located   in   a health-conscious,    upscale    community    and    has    good    freeway access.The   doctor   is   retiring.Contact   him   at   for further information. Posted Jul. 16,18 ___________________________________________________ SoCal   Inland   Empire   Turnkey   Cash   Clinic:   $134,000   net,   low overhead   clinic   collects   75%   cash.   $230,000   gross/   $134,000 net.   Focus   on   Christian-based   family   care.   Equipment   includes nearly-new    iLipo,    sauna,    whole    body    vibration,    Neurocare    + MR4   Laser.      Family-friendly   location   with   affordable   housing   and great   schools,   and   easy   access   to   the   best   hiking,   skiing   and beaches       in       California!       See       pics       +       details       at       or call   Kevin   at   512.523.9110   for   more   information:      Posted   June. 4,18 ___________________________________________________ VIBRANT   PRACTICE   FOR   SALE    outside   Reno,   NV.      PRICE REDUCED!        High    profit,    low    overhead    practice    for    sale    in Fernley,   NV.      Established   10   years.      450k   annual   collections with   300k   take   home   profit.      15   minutes   from   largest   industrial park   in   the   world,   anchored   by   Tesla   Gigafactory.      60   minutes from   Tahoe.      Wonderful   quality   of   life.      This   practice   is   fun,   the way   it   should   be!      Working   24   hours/week   over   four   days.      Little to   no   managed   care,   and   no   state   income   tax.      Asking   price   of 239k   includes   digital   (DR)   x-ray.      Christian   doctor   relocating.     Email  for more info. - Posted Mar. 19,18   ___________________________________________________ PRACTICE    FOR    SALE    in    Spartanburg    area.    Solid    growth. Excellent    lease.    Established    18    years.    Full    spine/instrument adjusting,    straight.   Asking    only    $72,500.    Financing    available. Contact    Loren    Martin,    Practice    Op    Inc.    at    952-953-9444    or   - Posted Mar. 17,18 ___________________________________________________ OHIO   CHIROPRACTOR   RETIRING:   Well   the   time   has   come   in my   life   that   I   need   to   retire   and   because   of   that   I   have   some extremely   good   Chiropractic   equipment   no   longer   needed.   All my   equipment   has   been   extremely   well   taken   care   of   and   I   am sure   whoever   gets   it   will   be   well   satisfied.   I   am   in   the   central   part of   Ohio   and   the   equipment   will   be   priced   pickup   only.   I   can   send pictures on request by  e-mail. 2 Zenith 210 Hylo tables with drop pelvic cushions. 2 Pelvic benches 19 inches high. 1 Stationary adjusting table by Thomas with    Thoracic and Pelvic drop cushions. 1 Side posture table by DE rock 4 14x17 X-Ray film view boxes 2 Nerve-scopes non-battery models    and recently reconditioned by E.D.L. If   interested   e-mail   me   at    for   pictures   an prices. Posted Feb. 21,18 ___________________________________________________ COLORADO:   Looking   for   a   caring   Chiropractor   who   would   like to   make   a   home   in   the   northwestern   Denver   metro   area   near Boulder.      Integrated   care   clinic   located   in   busy   shopping   center next   to   a   dentist   office,   great   active   community   with   a   nice   trail system      &      schools.      Providing      chiropractic,      acupuncture, massage,   rehab,   digital   x-ray,   EMR,   Leander   tables   &   multiple physical      therapy      modalities.      Cash,      insurance,      PI      mix.        Percentage,   space   share,   &   buyout   options   available   dependent on   qualifications   &   performance.   Please   send   letter   of   interest with CV & resume to   -   Posted January 2,18 ___________________________________________________ SHEBOYGAN,   WISCONSIN:   Christian   Chiropractic   Practice   for sale.        Turn    key    practice    with    equipment,    x-ray,    Chiropractic Touch   software,   fully   staffed   and   accepts   all   major   insurances.     Call   for   details   920-917-8227/       Motivated   to sell.  --   Posted October 19,17 ___________________________________________________ VIRGINIA   BEACH   PRACTICE   FOR   SALE:   My   family   and   I   are off   to   southern   Philippines   for   full-time   missions   and   outreach.     We're   looking   for   the   right   chiropractor   to   serve   the   Virginia Beach    community.    Well    established    1100sqft    fully    equipped turnkey   office.      Includes Aquamassage   Bed,   IST,   Vibration   Plate, Washer/Dryer,   E-Stim/US   Units,   2   massage   tables,   3   therapy tables,   Chiropractic   Drop   Table,   etc.      Very   low   overhead.      $90- 95k   yearly   collections   working   20   hours   per   week.      Big   potential to   increase   revenue.      Contact:    Ph: 757-376-6773.   $115k.   Will   send   pictures,   video   tour,   and   answer any questions on financials. --  Posted October 9, 17 ___________________________________________________ CHIROPRACTIC   PRACTICE   FOR   SALE   -   Dutchess   County NY:    Top    Rated,    Exceptional    Location,    Chiro/Pain/Wellness Practice.   Are   you   looking   to   step   into   a   fully   established,   fully equipped   healthcare   practice?   My   planned   retirement   can   open the   door   to   your   very   successful   practice.   For   full   details   and   a video tour -   --  Posted August 1, 17 ___________________________________________________
PRACTICE   FOR   SALE:   21-year-old   practice   in   Bucks   County Pa   across   from   a   University   on   one   of   Bucks   County's   busiest roads.   80-100k   per   year   collections   in   only   2   1/2   day   work   week. Fully    equipped.    Perfect    start    up    clinic.    Dr.    relocating    to    NJ. Contact Dr. Duddy 215-262-4810 - - Posted May 21,18   ___________________________________________________ OREGON    COAST:    One    of    the    fastest    growing    practices    in Oregon   or   anywhere.      Averaging   over   40   new   patient   visits   a month   working   3-½   days   a   week!      Turnkey   operation,   very   well- trained   staff   and   an   external   billing   company.      Collecting   ~25- 30k/month.      Excellent   location   and   almost   all   equipment   less than   2   1/2   years   old.      Why   buy   a   practice   that's   seen   better   days when   you   can   have   one   that   is   rock   solid   and   flying   like   a   rocket.     All   this   and   the   beautiful   Oregon   coast!   $249,900.   For   more information   go   to clinic-overview-information/    password    is    Superclinic    --    Posted January 29,18   ___________________________________________________ TAMPA   FL   PRACTICE   FOR   SALE:   Priced   BELOW   Appraised Value!    This    referral    based,    Diversified/Thompson    practice    is located    in    the    beautiful    Tampa    bedroom    community    of    Lutz, Florida.    Northern    Hillsborough    and    Southern    Pasco    Counties are    among    the    most    rapidly    developing    areas    in    the    state. Excellent   visibility,   adjacent   to   a   major   intersection   with   high volume   traffic.   Easy   access   and   plenty   of   parking.   Well-equipped and   efficiently   laid   out   1200   s/f   clinic   with   X-Ray.   CONTACT   US TODAY     for     financial     and     statistical     information!     Creative financing          available.          Ph:          704-575-6401,          Email:   -- Posted January 25,18 ___________________________________________________ OKLAHOMA   PRACTICE   FOR   SALE:   Tulsa   area.   Great   well established      practice   in   a   small   lake   community.      Tremendous growth   and   wonderful   chiropractic   patients.   Time   to   retire,   must sell   by   May.   Will   stay   for   smooth   transition.   Asking   $45,000   or best   offer.   May   consider   partial   finance   with   down   payment.   Call 918-850-2688 for more information. -- Posted January 8,18 ___________________________________________________ EQUIPMENT   FOR   SALE:    Chiropractor   turned   attorney   selling COMPLETE   office   to   include:   complete   X-ray   set   up,   adjusting   / therapy       tables,       exercise       equipment,       channel       letter "CHIROPRACTOR",    EMS    /    interferrential,    ultrasound,    waiting room   equipment,   office   equipment,   and   much   more.      Contact   at    and    I    can    send    you    pictures    of equipment.      Equipment   can   be   seen   and   picked   up      in   McAllen, Texas. E-mail:   -   Posted January 2,18 ___________________________________________________ ASHEVILLE,    NC     Christian    practice    for    sale    in    suburbs    of Asheville,    NC.    Practice    is    2    years    old    and    grossed    about $100,000   the   second   year.   Healthy   mix   of   cash/insurance   (about 50/50).    Large    office    space    and    very    low    overhead    of    only $2,000/mo.   Systems   are   in   place   for   an   easy   transition   and   new doc   should   recoup   the   investment   in   4   months.   Need   a   buyer   by April   2018.   Only   asking   $16,000   which   includes   a   used   roller table. First come first served. Email: Posted Nov. 9,17 ___________________________________________________ PRACTICE     FOR     SALE:     Established     Middle     Tennessee (Nashville)   Chiropractic   and   Wellness   Clinic   For   Sale   35   year, highly    respected    practice    located    in    the    center    of    the    most affluent   part   of   Nashville.      Average   last   three   years   collections over   $900,000   per   year.      Full   service   clinic   with   Chiropractic, Spinal    Decompression,    Massage    Therapy    and    Rehabilitation Exercise.        Great    office    space    centrally    located    with    one associate,   highly   trained   staff   and   state   of   the   art   equipment.     DC   is   retiring   but   willing   to   stay   on   in   a   limited   roll   to   help transition.      Low   overhead   and   completely   turn   key.      Once   in   a lifetime   opportunity!!!   E-mail:       -    Posted November 1,17 ___________________________________________________ FOR     SALE:          BrainCore     Neurofeedback     Therapy     System BrainCore      Neurofeedback      Therapy,      also      called      EEG Biofeedback,    is    a    state-of-the-art,    non-invasive    method    for teaching   the   brain   to   function   in   a   more   balanced   and   healthful way.   With   50   years   of   university   based   research   demonstrating it’s    efficacy,    BrainCore    provides    a    natural    and    drugless approach   proven   to   help   sufferers   of   many   chronic   neurological conditions       including       ADD/ADHD,       Anxiety,       Depression, Migraines,   Memory   Loss   and   Chronic   Pain   just   to   name   a   few.     ( )     Complete     System     including     all hardware,   software,   equipment   and   training,   ready-out-of-the- box,     including:     Desktop     computer,     (2)     19     inch     monitors, BrainCore    Neurofeedback    Software,    EM-Wave    Software    and System,   Keyboard   and   Mouse,   Speakers,   Speaker   extension, Q-Trainer   Box,   HASP   Key,   2   cup   sensors,   3   ear   clip   sensors,   1 Jar    10/20    paste,    1    Tube    NuPrep,    1    Jar    of    QEEG    Gel,    1 BrainCore    poster,    1    BrainCore    Flash    drive    containing    forms, research   articles,   and   power   point   presentations   for   community lectures.   NOTE:      BrainCore   brochures   and   business   cards   NOT included,   My   practice   is   growing   in   another   direction   and   I   do   not have    the    space    or    time    to    devote    to    this    technology.        This system   has   everything   needed   for   immediate   implementation and costs considerably lower than new. Posted Oct. 3,17  Email:   Ph: 719-491-2242 ___________________________________________________
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