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Last Update November 9, 2017
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LOOKING   FOR   AN   ASSOCIATE:   Health   4   Life   Chiropractic   is looking   for   a   chiropractic   associate   for   a   great   opportunity   at   a busy   chiropractic   office   south   of   Nashville,   in   the   Murfreesboro, TN    area.    We    are    looking    for    an    applicant    that    is    highly motivated,    independent,    yet    a    team    player    for    our    God- centered,   fun,   family   wellness   office.   The   candidate   must   have good    adjusting    and    communication    skills,    and    knowledge    to educate   patients   on   true   health   and   the   body’s   God-given   ability to   heal   naturally. You   will   receive   ongoing   training,   coaching   and mentoring.   If   you   are   interested   in   being   a   part   of   an   amazing team,   to   work   hard   and   serve   and   honor   as   many   people   as possible,   send   us   your   resume   to    --   Posted   Nov. 6, 17 ___________________________________________________ ALBUQUERQUE   NM   -   Space   is   available   for   starting   a   practice in   a   large   Christian   clinic   setting.   Please   direct   all   inquires   to   Dr. Gary   Peterson   at   505.244.0672   and   leave   a   message.   Posted Nov. 3, 17 ___________________________________________________ SHARE   OFFICE   SPACES:   Run   your   practice   affordably   with low   start   up   costs,   low   stress   &   low   overhead.      Use   my   office space   outside   of   my      part-time   hours.      Camp   Hill,   PA   10   minutes from    Harrisburg.    Great    location.    Christian    environment.        For more info contact 717-418-5365,   Posted Oct. 18, 17 ___________________________________________________ EAST   PORTLAND,   OREGON:   Associate-Buy   Opportunity; ChiroTouch   EHR;   xray,   flexible   terms;   37-yr   practice;   diversified, Cox,      instrument;   very   desirable   area.   Seek   humble,   ambitious entrepreneur Submit CV to Posted Sept. 26, 17 ___________________________________________________ WESTERN     NORTH     CAROLINA     PRACTICE     FOR     SALE: Smoky    Mountain    Chiropractice    cash    practice    for    sale.     Low overhead,   low   stress,   high   family   fun,   loving,   serving   practice   for sale.      Established   for   27   years,   I   have   owned   it   for   10   years.     All cash   for   2   years.      Move   in   and   go   with   what   the   Lord   has   done here!       Asking    70,000    for    10K    collections    and    2K    overhead practice.        Motivated    seller    going    on    to    another    chiropractic opportunity    soon.        email    me    at     - Posted Sept. 12, 17 ___________________________________________________ AUSTIN   TX   OPPORTUNITY:   23   years   ago   I   found   a   Christian chiropractor   thru   the   CCA   newsletter   who   was   praying   for   help. He   mentored   me   and   I   carried   on   his   legacy.   I   am   offering someone   the   same   opportunity   that   was   granted   to   me-   Well established    family    wellness    practice,    which    offers    full-spine adjusting   techniques   to   include   diversified,   Thompson   toggle   & activator.   Presently   utilizing   the   AMC   system   and   need   help keeping    up    the    pace:    open    to    ideas,    mentor,    office    share, partnership,   associate.   Interested   parties   send   phone   contact only   via   text   directly   to   doctor   at   (512)762-1610   --   Posted   Sept. 1, 17 ___________________________________________________ ASSOCIATE   WANTED   (Columbia,   MD):   If   you   want   to   start and   build   your   own   practice,   you   are   energetic   and   are   willing   to be    mentored,    I'm    offering    you    a    unique    opportunity    to    join Essential   Family   Chiropractic...a   well-established   family   practice in   Columbia,   Maryland--just   north   of   Washington,   DC.   1)   Get   a fully equipped chiropractic office with your own adjusting room. 2)   Have   a   well-trained   office   manager   to   handle   appointments and billing. 3) Earn a percentage-based salary.  4)  Pay no rent. Contact        Dr.        Eric        Lindsell,        at        410-312-7790        or      to      join      a      successful,      comfortable, supportive, and Christian based professional setting. --   Posted August 18,17 ___________________________________________________ COME   JOIN   A   GROWING   PRACTICE   in   Arlington   Heights,   IL, focused    on    active    individuals,    who    enjoy    a    combination    of neuromusculoskeletal   care   and   active   rehabilitation.   Seeking   a charismatic   individual   to   join   us   in   practice.   We   use   P-DTR, NKT, ART,   MPI,   rehab,   etc.,   and   are   seeking   someone   willing   to learn   with   a   similar   skill   set.   Salary   plus   bonus   structure,   plus incentives   to   grow   your   own   practice:   paid   malpractice,   CEU allowance,   marketing   budget,   and   gym   membership!   Email   CV to      and     check     us     out     at:   --   Posted July 31,17 ___________________________________________________ ISLE   OF   MAN   -   LONDON:   Trainee   to   Expert:   Would   you   like the    opportunity    to    work    in    a    cutting    edge    all-encompassing Wellness   Centre   in   South   West   London   in   the   UK?   If   so,   we would   love   to   have   you   join   our   amazing   team.   Some   of   the benefits   will   include:   Learn   how   to   get   remarkable   spine   and posture   correction   as   evidenced   from   x-ray   and   digital   posture analysis    from    one    of    only    two    European    based    Advanced Chiropractic   Biophysics   (CBP)   Practitioners.   See   real   evidence of   patient’s   brains   and   nervous   systems   improving   as   a   result   of your     care.     (Are     you     ready     to     take     neurologically     based chiropractic   to   a   whole   new   level?)   Fully   paid   for   access   to   all our    amazing    online    training    programmes    to    enable    you    to become   a   very   successful,   results   orientated   chiropractor   and communicator.    This    will    include    receiving    some    of    the    best practice   management   training   currently   available   and   becoming a    certified    Posture    Neurologist    and    CBP    expert.    Have    the opportunity   to   attend   all   the   latest   conferences   in   Europe   and the   US   at   subsidised   rates.   This   position   is   for   anyone   who   is prepared    to    put    in    the    work    to    gain    incredible    training    and become    a    great    chiropractor.    Applicant    would    need    to    be registered   with   the   General   Chiropractic   Council   (GCC)   in   the UK.         Interested?         Contact:         Dr         Neil         Thompson                                                                                                                                                                  Email:      Web: -- Posted July 28,17 ___________________________________________________ SEEKING      AN      ASSOCIATE:      Established      and      growing chiropractic    clinic    seeking    an    associate    in    our    Richmond, Virginia   office.   Are   you   a   chiropractor   who   desires   a   balance between   working   hard   and   enjoying   your   personal   life?     Are   you looking   for   a   practice   where   you   can   focus   on   caring   for   your patients   and   where   the   responsibilities   of   running   the   business are   handled   by   someone   else?      If   you   want   to   work   where healthy,   Christian   values   are   practiced   with   the   staff   as   well   as the   patients,   then   we’re   looking   for   you.     To   promote   healthy personal   lives,   our   regular   full-time   schedule   is   made   up   of   five half-day   shifts,   with   a   four-day   weekend   every   month.      We   value balanced   personal   lives   so   that   we   can   better   serve   God,   our patients,   and   each   other.      We   offer   a   base   salary,   benefits   and bonus   plan.      The   techniques   we   currently   use   are   Diversified, Thompson   Drop,   Cox/Flexion,   and   Activator.      We   also   practice Pettibon   rehabilitation   techniques.      We   use   digital   x-ray   and   the ChiroTouch    system.        If    you    are    interested    in    learning    more, please      email      your      CV      and      letter      of      interest      to         We    can’t    wait    to    hear    from    you. Posted July 21,17   ___________________________________________________ ROOM   FOR   ANOTHER   CHIROPRACTOR:   In   Central   Maine. 35   years   in   blessed   practice!   Dr.   working   1/3   of   former   hours. Have   room   for   a   new   practice;   25   plus   hours   available.   Not   an Assoc.   position.   Dr.   may   come   in   and   establish   practice   as   well as   assist   with   office   expenses   and   current   Doc's   practice.   3 Treatment   rooms   and   a   massage   suite. A   hands   on   Chiropractor using   diversified;   S.O.T.;   A.K.   and   C.R.A.   Functional   Neurology. ALWAYS     busy,     Dr.     will     train     in     his     methods.     email:   -- Posted July 11,17 ___________________________________________________ LOOKING   FOR   A   LONG-TERM   ASSOCIATE   to   be   a   part   of our   team.   Our   busy   practice   is   a   family   and   wellness   based practice   that   has   been   serving   the   community   for   over   35   years. Our   office   is   equipped   with   a   therapy   area,   treatment,   X-ray,   and consult   rooms.   We   are   seeking   an   enthusiastic   self-motivated doctor   who   is   willing   to   help   grow   the   practice   and   join   three other    doctors.    Must    have    a    strong    work    ethic    and    be    team oriented.    Salary    is    competitive    base    salary    with    bonuses. Please   email:    with   resume   or   for   more information.  -- Posted June 19,17 ___________________________________________________ SEEKING   AN   ASSOCIATE:   Well   established,   and   successful Integrity   Management   (former   Top   Flight,   former   Gibson   Plus) clinic   in   Steamboat   Springs,   Co.   is   seeking   a Tandem Associate. Must     be     proficient     with     diversified,     Cox,     and     Activator techniques,   and   knowledge   of   sports   injuries   is   a   plus. You   must be   willing   to   actively   build   the   practice   in   multiple   ways,   and   be involved   in   the   community.   Live   in   Ski   and   Bike   Town   U.S.A. (more   Olympians   are   from   Steamboat   than   any   other   town   in the   U.S.)   with   multiple   winter   and   summer   activities   with   climate you   can   only   dream   about.   Must   be   enthusiast,   willing   and   able to   learn,   and   "coachable",   ambitious,   and   competent   in   clinical skills.   Enjoyment   of   outdoor   activities   is   also   a   plus.   Our   office   is a   family   practice   with   some   emphasis   on   sports   injury.   Future ownership   also   possible.   We   are   looking   for   the   right   person... God   has   given   us   a   good   reputation   in   the   community   and   want to   preserve   that   reputation.   Please   send   resume   along   with   your dreams, and goals via E-mail. Posted June 19,17 ___________________________________________________
SAN    DIEGO    CHIROPRACTOR    is    looking    for    Godly,    like- minded,   health   care   professional   to   rent   or   share   office   space. Join    us    in    our    newly    updated,    fully    equipped    office    which includes   x-ray,   electronic   billing   system   and   plenty   of   parking. We   are   conveniently   located   to   downtown   and   Mission   Bay   just off   I-5.   IMMEDIATE   AVAILABILITY-   Contact   Dr.   Gary   at   619- 276-7575 or email.  - Posted Nov. 8, 17 ___________________________________________________ OFFICE   SPACE   AVAILABLE:   Three   Offices   and   Receptionist area   available   for   rent.      Located   in   St.   Louis,   Missouri   63123.     88,000    sq.    ft.    indoor    training    facility    has    10,000+    teams, parents,   clients   and   spectators   that   frequent   our   facility   yearly.     We   would   like   to   add   a   chiropractic   office   to   our   space   to   create a   well-rounded   facility.      Please   call   Cindy   at   314-517-0959   to take a tour or to address any questions. Posted Oct. 24,17 ___________________________________________________ COLORADO     SPRINGS:     Private     investor     looking     for     a chiropractor   that   wants   to   open   and   run   his   or   her   own   practice in   Colorado   Springs!   We   have   invested   in   offices   in   the   past when    docs    are    unable    to    secure    business    funding,    and Colorado   Springs   is   one   of   the   fastest   growing   and   best   places to   live   in   Colorado.      This   is   great   opportunity   to   own   and   run your   own   office   with   business   help   and   without   the   stress   of having   to   secure   funding.   Due   to   some   of   the   connections   in   the area,   a   doc   who   is   a   believer   is   preferred.      Please   email   CV   to   Posted Sept. 27,17 ___________________________________________________ ASSOCIATE    DOCTOR-MINNESOTA:    Wellness    based    family practice   (located   30   miles   north   of   the   Twin   Cities)   in   need   of full-time   chiropractor.   Ideal   candidate   leads   a   healthy   lifestyle,   is energetic,      passionate,      principle-based,      outgoing,      strong educating/marketing   skill   and   exceptional   clinical/diagnostic   and adjusting   skills.   The   position   provides   a   competitive   base   salary with   bonus   potential.     The   possibility   of   future   partnership   is   also available   for   the   right   candidate.   Please   forward   your   resume   to Posted Sept. 8,17 ___________________________________________________ ASSOCIATE   POSITION    with   mentoring   will   involve   everything involved    in    running    a    practice    -    adjusting,    patient    education procedures    from    new    patient    exam    to    delivering    wellness workshops,    x-ray    marking/developing    as    well    as    community outreach    events    where    we    educate    our    community    on    the benefits    of    chiropractic    care.    As    a    Family    Wellness    based chiropractor   for   the   last   20   years   in   Oakville   (30   mins   West   of Toronto),   I   have   been   mentoring   students   ever   since   I   started several    clubs    at    CMCC    (Pediatrics,    Thompson,    Friends    in Chiropractic).   I   have   had   many   doctors   and   students   visit   the clinic    over    the    years    and    some    have    mentored    with    me    to become   associates.   One   opportunity   currently   available   for   this associate   position.   All   I   ask   is   for   your   time,   commitment,   and energy   to   learn,   grow,   and   develop   into   a   Chiropractic   Warrior!   If you   are   a   graduated   DC,   or   a   Chiropractic   student   planning   your future         career,         please         respond         by         email         to:  with a description of your interest. Call    me    personally    at    365-778-3733    if    you    want    to    confirm receipt of your email. -- Posted Sept. 5, 17 ___________________________________________________ UTAH   -   Cottonwood   Heights:   Furnished,   Chiropractic   Clinic for   Rent   $2000   Digital   X   Ray,   Cox   Flexion/Distraction   Adjusting Table,   Massage   Table,   General   Office   Furniture   1272   Square Feet,    Built    out    4    treatment    Rooms,    Marketing    Office/Break room,    X-ray    room,    Private    Bathroom,    and    Storage    Closets. Video Tour   -- Posted Sept. 1, 17 ___________________________________________________ PENNSYLVANIA      OFFICE      TO      SHARE:      Christian   chiropractor and    nutritionist    looking    to    share    office    space    in    Southern Chester County Pennsylvania.  Call Vince at 610-368-4574! Posted July 25,17   ___________________________________________________ ASSOCIATE   OPPORTUNITY:   Rock   Star   Associate   to   Owner Opportunity    in    Salt    Lake    City,    UT!!    Stellar    opportunity    for    a Chiropractic   Physician   to   build   a   practice   in   the   Salt   Lake   City area,   with   an   awesome   bonus   structure   and   quick   advancement to   ownership   for   top   producers!   Come   grow   with   us   in   a   world- class    multi-disciplinary    Wellness    Clinic    delivering    high-end Chiropractic,     applied     kinesiology,     nutrition,     and     functional medicine   care.   Pro   Adjuster,   foot   detox,   Bio   Meridian   scanning, cold    laser,    spinolator    tables,    oxygen    therapy,    whole    body vibration,   large   nutrition   supply,   and   excellent   staff,   all   available in   a   fully   computerized,   high-end   office   in   a   Class   A   building!   If you’re   a   motivated   doctor   desiring   to   build   a   healthy,   highly profitable,   referral-based   practice   in   an   excellent   area,   submit your     resume     to     Team     Leader     Stephanie     Peterson     at .   By   the   way,   if   you’re   not familiar   with   Salt   Lake   City,   here’s   a   bit   of   info   for   you:      Located at   the   foot   of   the   majestic   Rocky   Mountains,   Salt   Lake   City   is   an outdoor    enthusiasts    dream    come    true    with    world    renowned skiing   on   the   “Best   snow   on   earth”,   as   well   as   elite   level   hiking and   biking   just   minutes   away.      Salt   Lake   City   was   voted   1   of   the top   5   most   awesome   places   to   live   in   North America   for   outdoor enthusiast!    Check    us    out    at   Posted July 21,17   ___________________________________________________ LOOKING      FOR      CHIROPRACTORS      -      ORLANDO,      FL : Integrative   Physical   Medicine   is   looking   for   chiropractors   in   the Orlando   area.   In   this   integrated   facility,   chiropractors   will   provide professional   chiropractic   and   physiotherapy   oversight   and   direct patient   care.   Training   provided!   Full-Time.   Please   send   resume via email:   -- Posted July 6,17 ___________________________________________________ ASSOCIATE    TO    OWNERSHIP:    in    Loves    Park    IL    region.      Practice    in    existence    for    over    15    years,    and    grosses    over $700,000   per   year.      Will   train   new   doctor   for   a   smooth   transition and   owner   will   consider   financing   and   workable   terms   for   the right    person.        Practice    demographics:    therapies,    exercise, insurance,   cash,   medicare   and   maintenance   care.      If   you   are interested    in    more    information,    please    email    your    contact information     to      and     Patty     will     be contacting you.  -- Posted June 13,17   ___________________________________________________ LOOKING   FOR   A   CHIROPRACTIC   ASSOCIATE:   360   Degree Chiropractic    which    is    located    in    a    picturesque    suburb    of Louisville,   KY,   has   an   incredible   opportunity   for   an   Associate Doctor   of   Chiropractic   to   join   our   team.      We   are   the   premier facility   in   our   area   offering   Pediatric   and   Family   Chiropractic Care.        360DC    is    a    state    of    the    art    clinic    with    cutting    edge technologies,         a         full         staff         and         a         Practice Representative/Marketing   Team.      Starting   salary   is   $52,000/yr., paid   vacation,health   insurance   and   paid   malpractice   insurance.     If   you   would   like   to   be   considered   for   this   position   please   send resume   or   CV   and   a   brief   cover   letter   to    Dr.   Kathy   Pansegrau   at  -- Posted June 7,17 ___________________________________________________ ASSOCIATE   WANTED   (Part-Time)   in   Beautiful   Newberg   OR. Join   a   team   of   DC's,   LMT's   and   CA's   in   an   established,   busy, growing   practice   in   beautiful   wine   country.      Patient   base   is   large and   referral   network   is   strong.      No   need   to   market,   do   what   you do   best!      Help   patients   reach   their   maximum   health   potential   in a   positive,   christian,   team-oriented   environment!      Email   your   CV and cover letter to -- Posted May 13,17 ___________________________________________________ POSITION:   Are   you   looking   for   a   position   that   has   room   to   grow both   professionally   and   personally?      Want   to   be   part   of   a   one- of-a-kind   office   that   is   the   leader   in   chiropractic   care   in   Oshkosh and    the    Fox    Valley?            Looking    to    learn    how    to    run    a    truly successful   practice?      Jones   Family   Chiropractic   is   seeking   to   fill an   associate   position   in   its   Oshkosh   office.   The   position   entails only   4   day   weeks   (M-Th)   and   seeing   patients   for   22   hours   a week.      You   will   have   the   opportunity   to   transition   smoothly   and be    seeing    the    majority    of    the    patient    load    quickly    after    you begin.      Hands-on   manual   adjusting   is   preferred.      Some   scripting will   be   required   as   will   procedures.      All   this   will   be   taught   and trained   upon.      Base   pay   plus   bonuses.      This   also   includes   an opportunity   for   buy-in   in   the   future   and/or   the   ability   to   purchase the   practice.         If   you   are   a   self   motivated,   self   starter,   willing   to learn   and   are   ready   to   change   peoples'   lives   for   the   better,   then this     is     your     future     office.     Please     email     resumes     to   -- Posted May 8,17 ___________________________________________________ GA     -     ROSWELL     /     JOHNS     CREEK     -     DC    ASSOCIATE NEEDED:   High   Volume,   Christian,   Family,   Subluxation-based chiropractic   clinics   are   looking   for   a   hard   working,   honest   & caring   DC   to   adjust,   screen   and   grow   with   us   (Partnership   / Ownership    option).        Interviews    ongoing    now    to    hire    ASAP!      Competitive     salary.     Email     cover     letter     and     resume     to   Posted Feb. 14,17 ___________________________________________________ OFFICE   TO   SHARE:   Disciple   of   Christ   and   Chiropractor   looking for   like   minded   health   care   professional   to   share   office   space.     Our   mission   is   to   show   the   love   of   Christ   while   being   his   hands to   care   for   people.   We   are   a   very   established   practice   (Since 1995)   in   the   Northern   Virginia   area.   Please   call   to   talk   about your     needs     and     this     great     opportunity-          IMMEDIATE AVAILABILITY-    Open    to    All    -    Ph:    703-451-5600    or    email: Posted Feb. 7,17 ___________________________________________________
Ads are posted in order received - most recent first: The CCA does not accept ads for multi-level marketed products.
SHEBOYGAN,   WISCONSIN:   Christian   Chiropractic   Practice   for sale.        Turn    key    practice    with    equipment,    x-ray,    Chiropractic Touch   software,   fully   staffed   and   accepts   all   major   insurances.     Call   for   details   920-917-8227/       Motivated   to sell.  --   Posted October 19,17 ___________________________________________________ VIRGINIA   BEACH   PRACTICE   FOR   SALE:   My   family   and   I   are off   to   southern   Philippines   for   full-time   missions   and   outreach.     We're   looking   for   the   right   chiropractor   to   serve   the   Virginia Beach    community.    Well    established    1100sqft    fully    equipped turnkey   office.      Includes Aquamassage   Bed,   IST,   Vibration   Plate, Washer/Dryer,   E-Stim/US   Units,   2   massage   tables,   3   therapy tables,   Chiropractic   Drop   Table,   etc.      Very   low   overhead.      $90- 95k   yearly   collections   working   20   hours   per   week.      Big   potential to   increase   revenue.      Contact:    Ph: 757-376-6773.   $115k.   Will   send   pictures,   video   tour,   and   answer any questions on financials. --  Posted October 9, 17 ___________________________________________________ CHIROPRACTIC   PRACTICE   FOR   SALE   -   Dutchess   County NY:    Top    Rated,    Exceptional    Location,    Chiro/Pain/Wellness Practice.   Are   you   looking   to   step   into   a   fully   established,   fully equipped   healthcare   practice?   My   planned   retirement   can   open the   door   to   your   very   successful   practice.   For   full   details   and   a video tour -   --  Posted August 1, 17 ___________________________________________________ PORT   SAINT   LUCIE,   FL,   PRACTICE   FOR   SALE:      Motivated seller   looking   for   a   motivated   buyer.   Reduced   $20,000   below appraised   value.   Seller   ready   to   retire   and   looking   for   someone to   take   good   care   of   current   patients.   31-year   practice   collecting $238,653.00.   Open   3   days   weekly.      Exceptionally   staffed   and equipped.      Great      location.            Beautiful,      desirable,      active community,   just   50   miles   from   West   Palm   Beach.      DC   retiring.     Ideal   turn-key   for   next   DC   to   step   in   and   grow   practice   with   little effort!!      Pix   available.      100%   financing   O.A.C.      Call   Dr.   Ray (personally) @ (772) 529-0345. -- Posted June 21,17 ___________________________________________________ FOR   SALE:   Zenith   HI-Lo   table,   good   condition   $1,500   and   a Roller    traction    table    $750.    Offers    considered.    Located    in Colorado.   Call   970.308.9756   or   email:   Currently    not    being    used    doctor    needs    to    get    them    out    of storage. Posted May 17,17 ___________________________________________________ SOUTHERN     NEW     MEXICO     PRACTICE:     Thriving,     with opportunity   for   more   growth.      Turn   key   practice   with   equipment and   xray.      Leaving   for   family   health   issues.      Would   possible trade   for   a   practice   in   Wyoming.   $40,000   Email   for   more   details. Email:   Posted April 5,17 ___________________________________________________ X-RAY    EQUIPMENT    :    DC     in    Michigan    is    in    the    process    of retiring.      Selling   a   300/125   Tingle   with   a   Fischer   cold   water processor   and   cassettes.   Best   Offer.      Call   Dr.   Brett   248-693- 6564 -- Posted Feb. 17,17 ___________________________________________________ PRACTICE   FOR   SALE:   Low   Overhead   Christian-based   Cash Clinic   nets   $109,000   |   Has   an   extensive   array   of   equipment including   nearly-new   Neurocare,   MR4   Laser   and   iLipo   machine.     Located      in      Highland,      CA.            See      pics      +      info      at         or        call        Kevin        at 503.839.4527 -- Posted Jan. 12, 17 ___________________________________________________ JACKSONVILLE   FLORIDA   PRACTICE   FOR   SALE:       Located one   mile   from   Jacksonville’s   Town   Center.      Includes   all   records and   collectibles,   CR   Digital   xray,   2   Leander   tables   with   drops, spinolator   tables,   e-stim   machines,   ChiroTouch   throughout   and private    doctor's    office    equipped    for    consult/ROF’s.        Turnkey ready,    DC    relocating    and    would    assist    in    transition.        First doctor’s   offer   of   $150K.      Email:   dr    or call 850-502-9437 (cell). -- Posted Dec. 19,16 ___________________________________________________ NEBRASKA:    EQUIPMENT    FOR    SALE    -    3090    X-Ray,    3 adjusting   tables,   therapy   equipment.   Best   Offer.   Call      (402)   399- 1764 Located in Omaha, NE -- Posted Dec. 2, 16 ___________________________________________________ PRACTICES   FOR   SALE   in   AL,   AR,   CA,   CO,   GA,   KY,   IL,   MI, NC,   NJ,   NM,   PA,   SC,   TN,   TX,   VA.   I   have   new   doctors   who   want to   buy   your   practice.   $300.00   for   Practice   Analysis.      For   more info   Contact   Dr.   Tom   Morgan,,   770   748- 6084   Posted: On-going ___________________________________________________ FOR SALE: Real bone Spines - one near anatomically perfect (coccyx missing);  the other has cervical and other degenerative changes.  Money will fund chiropractic missions.  Email for pictures.  -- Posted: On-going  ___________________________________________________
ASHEVILLE,    NC     Christian    practice    for    sale    in    suburbs    of Asheville,    NC.    Practice    is    2    years    old    and    grossed    about $100,000   the   second   year.   Healthy   mix   of   cash/insurance   (about 50/50).    Large    office    space    and    very    low    overhead    of    only $2,000/mo.   Systems   are   in   place   for   an   easy   transition   and   new doc   should   recoup   the   investment   in   4   months.   Need   a   buyer   by April   2018.   Only   asking   $16,000   which   includes   a   used   roller table. First come first served. Email: Posted Nov. 9,17 ___________________________________________________ PRACTICE     FOR     SALE:     Established     Middle     Tennessee (Nashville)   Chiropractic   and   Wellness   Clinic   For   Sale   35   year, highly    respected    practice    located    in    the    center    of    the    most affluent   part   of   Nashville.      Average   last   three   years   collections over   $900,000   per   year.      Full   service   clinic   with   Chiropractic, Spinal    Decompression,    Massage    Therapy    and    Rehabilitation Exercise.        Great    office    space    centrally    located    with    one associate,   highly   trained   staff   and   state   of   the   art   equipment.     DC   is   retiring   but   willing   to   stay   on   in   a   limited   roll   to   help transition.      Low   overhead   and   completely   turn   key.      Once   in   a lifetime   opportunity!!!   E-mail:       -    Posted November 1,17 ___________________________________________________ FOR     SALE:          BrainCore     Neurofeedback     Therapy     System BrainCore      Neurofeedback      Therapy,      also      called      EEG Biofeedback,    is    a    state-of-the-art,    non-invasive    method    for teaching   the   brain   to   function   in   a   more   balanced   and   healthful way.   With   50   years   of   university   based   research   demonstrating it’s    efficacy,    BrainCore    provides    a    natural    and    drugless approach   proven   to   help   sufferers   of   many   chronic   neurological conditions       including       ADD/ADHD,       Anxiety,       Depression, Migraines,   Memory   Loss   and   Chronic   Pain   just   to   name   a   few.     ( )     Complete     System     including     all hardware,   software,   equipment   and   training,   ready-out-of-the- box,     including:     Desktop     computer,     (2)     19     inch     monitors, BrainCore    Neurofeedback    Software,    EM-Wave    Software    and System,   Keyboard   and   Mouse,   Speakers,   Speaker   extension, Q-Trainer   Box,   HASP   Key,   2   cup   sensors,   3   ear   clip   sensors,   1 Jar    10/20    paste,    1    Tube    NuPrep,    1    Jar    of    QEEG    Gel,    1 BrainCore    poster,    1    BrainCore    Flash    drive    containing    forms, research   articles,   and   power   point   presentations   for   community lectures.   NOTE:      BrainCore   brochures   and   business   cards   NOT included,   My   practice   is   growing   in   another   direction   and   I   do   not have    the    space    or    time    to    devote    to    this    technology.        This system   has   everything   needed   for   immediate   implementation and costs considerably lower than new. Posted Oct. 3,17  Email:   Ph: 719-491-2242 ___________________________________________________ COLORADO     SPRINGS:     Private     investor     looking     for     a chiropractor   that   wants   to   open   and   run   his   or   her   own   practice in   Colorado   Springs!   We   have   invested   in   offices   in   the   past when   docs   are   unable   to   secure   business   funding,   and   Colorado Springs   is   one   of   the   fastest   growing   and   best   places   to   live   in Colorado.      This   is   great   opportunity   to   own   and   run   your   own office   with   business   help   and   without   the   stress   of   having   to secure   funding.   Due   to   some   of   the   connections   in   the   area,   a doc    who    is    a    believer    is    preferred.        Please    email    CV    to   Posted Sept. 27,17 ___________________________________________________ COLORADO     CHIROPRACTIC     PRACTICE     FOR     SALE     in Denver/   Lakewood/Golden   area.   A   sole-practitioner,   full   service chiropractic   office   serving   the   general   Lakewood,   Denver,   and Golden   areas.      The   practice   is   well-established   in   the   same location   for   over   30   years   close   to   Red   Rocks   amphitheater, mountain    biking,    hiking,    golf,    and    other    healthcare    facilities. Centrally    located    within    booming    residential    and    healthcare developments.    Care    focus    and    patients    include:    Diversified, multiple therapeutic modalities, sports and orthopedics practice Family/geriatric/firefighters/athletes/auto      injury      Robust      new patient    sources,    solid    established    core    Insurances-PPOs,    PI, cash,    Medicare,    Workers    Comp.    Excellent    reputation    and stability.   The   office   has   a   modern   brick   exterior   with   ground-level front   and   corner   windows   with   excellent   road   visibility.   It   has   3 dedicated   parking   spaces   directly   in   front,   along   with   a   handicap ramp    and    handicap    parking    spaces.    The    physical    facilities includes: Approx. 1100sq.ft. Office Space (original tenant) New, updated carpet and furnishings Two furnished treatment rooms. Full X-ray facilities Custom records office and reception desk ADA-compliant restroom Furnished reception area with great full-wall windows Consulting office with desk and bookcase Utility room with washer & dryer Gross income average 135K over last 5 years Cash-out only; landlord is open to new lease Business summary available to qualified inquiries Buyers agents welcome; no sellers agents, please Contact: -- Posted September 19, 17 ___________________________________________________ REDUCED   -   PRACTICE   FOR   SALE:    9-year-old   practice.   Stand alone    building.    On    Center    Street    (2000    sq    ft).    Low    Lease. Equipped   with   EHR,   CR   Digital   xray,   Decomp,   E-Stim   (3),   IST (2),    Infrared    (2),    Ultrasound,   Arthrostim,    Vibracussor,    Rehab, etc.   Projected   2020   population   over   200k.   Current   population 45,000+.   Fastest   growing   town   in   Austin/San   Antonio   corridor. Plethora   of   new   home   construction   in   the   immediate   area   and more   on   the   way.   Super   close   to   outdoor   heaven   of   The   Texas Hill   Country   and   more.   On   all   the   networks,   PI,   Major   Med, Cash,    Medicare.    Diversified    based.    Collected    213k    in    2016. Reduced   from   $140k   to   $120k.   Lending   in   place.   One   month transition            negotiable.            Pics            upon            request.      or     call     512-226-3103     --     Posted August 7, 17   ___________________________________________________ FOR    SALE:    Accu    Spina    decompression    machine    for    sale. $16,500 obo text for pictures (913) 484-1236 -- Posted May 8, 17   ___________________________________________________
WANTED   TO   BUY:   Chiropractic   Green   Books.   I   have   a   nice collection   and   would   like   to   add   to   it.   Not   interested   in   recent reprints. E-mail: -- Posted on-going __________________________________________________ FOR SALE: Real bone Spines - one near anatomically perfect (coccyx missing);  the other has cervical and other degenerative changes.  Money will fund chiropractic missions.  Email for pictures.  -- Posted: On-going  ___________________________________________________
COLORADO     SPRINGS:     Private     investor     looking     for     a chiropractor   that   wants   to   open   and   run   his   or   her   own   practice in   Colorado   Springs!   We   have   invested   in   offices   in   the   past when    docs    are    unable    to    secure    business    funding,    and Colorado   Springs   is   one   of   the   fastest   growing   and   best   places to   live   in   Colorado.      This   is   great   opportunity   to   own   and   run your   own   office   with   business   help   and   without   the   stress   of having   to   secure   funding.   Due   to   some   of   the   connections   in   the area,   a   doc   who   is   a   believer   is   preferred.      Please   email   CV   to   Posted Sept. 27,17 __________________________________________________ UTAH   -   Cottonwood   Heights:   Furnished,   Chiropractic   Clinic   for Rent    $2000    Digital    X    Ray,    Cox    Flexion/Distraction   Adjusting Table,   Massage   Table,   General   Office   Furniture   1272   Square Feet,   Built   out   4   treatment   Rooms,   Marketing   Office/Break   room, X-ray   room,   Private   Bathroom,   and   Storage   Closets.   Video   Tour   -- Posted Sept. 1, 17 __________________________________________________