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Listed below are pertinent articles from past CCA Journals or articles and papers written by members of the Association. The views expressed by the authors are not necessarily the views of the Association.
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Oct. 2007 The Great Leveling Ground - Lois Baldwin Southern, D.C. Ground.htm June 1996 The Single Chiropractor - L. Mark Brett, D.C. Single Chiropractor Feb. 1993 Burnout - Lois Baldwin Southern, D.C. Burnout.htm CHIROPRACTIC, PHILOSOPHY & NEW AGE Sept. 1999 Alternative Therapies, Spiritual Evaluation - Glenn M. Hultgren, D.C. Alternative_Healing.pdf April 2008 The Side of Adjustment Matters : James Metzger, D.C. Adjustment_Matters.pdf April 2001 Save the Gall Bladder - Doug Heise, D.C. Gall Bladder Aug. 1996 Essence of the Philosophy of Chiropractic - Glenn M. Hultgren, D.C. Philosophy April 1995 A Wake-up Call - Allegations of Sexual Misconduct Misconduct Feb. 1998 Doctor's Duty to a Patient - Richard A. Black, D.C., J.D. Doctors Duty PRACTICE MANAGEMENT Dec. 2008 Building a Healthy Practice- The Big Questions Part 1 - Charles Roost, D.C. roost_part1.pdf April 2009 4 Simple Factors to Business Success Part 2 - Charles Roost, D.C roost_part2.pdf June 2009 4 Simple Factors to Business Success Part 3 - Charles Roost, D.C roost_part3.pdf Oct. 2009 4 Simple Factors to Business Success Part 4 - Charles Roost, D.C roost_part4.pdf Dec. 2009 4 Simple Factors to Business Success Part 5 - Charles Roost, D.C roost_part5.pdf Feb. 2010 4 Simple Factors to Business Success Part 6 - Charles Roost, D.C roost_part6.pdf Jan. 2008 Your Practice Has Purpose - Jim Lange purpose_lange.pdf Dec. 2007 Does My Work Matter - Jim Lange work_matter_lange.pdf June 2007 Evidence-Based Tests of Life - William Hollensed, D.C. Evidence_06_07.pdf April 2007 Ethics - "the science of right conduct" - Glenn M. Hultgren, D.C. Ethics_04_07.pdf Dec. 2006 Developing Long-term Relationship w/Patients - Glenn M. Hultgren, D.C. Long_term_patients.pdf Dec. 2006 Office Procedures - Glenn M. Hultgren, D.C. Office Procedures Feb. 2003 HIPAA Hoopla - William Hollensed, D.C. HIPAA Hoopla Feb. 1996 Why are some Practices Successful - others fail - Robert Wiehe, D.C. Practices_successful.pdf Feb. 2000 From High-Roller to Holy-Roller - Gordon Heuser, D.C. high_roller.pdf MISSIONS Oct. 1997 Crow Reservation - Dances with Snakes - Marc Sommer, D.C. Dances_snakes.pdf Dec. 2006 Puerto Rico - A Thank you - Carla Swihart Puerto_rico_12_06.pdf Dec. 2000 Why? Short-term Missions - Tom Feldman, D.C. Why ? STM AUXILIARY June 2007 Finding the Right Church - Susheela Thomas, M.D. Finding_Church.pdf Dec. 2006 Thankful this Christmas - Kendra Metzger Auxiliary_thankful.pdf
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