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The 2021 CCA Auxiliary Scholarship
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“Personal Lessons Christ Taught Me in the Confusion of 2020 by: Pollyanna de Sousa FeeVale University
Pollyanna de Sousa
2020 has not only been an atypical year, but it has also been an extremely challenging one. As a chiropractic student and missionary in southern Brazil, I have had to adjust to ministering through the lens of a camera instead of a church platform, discipling young adults by phone versus from across the table. As a chiropractic student, I had the disappointment of having my first adjustment classes online. Personally, I've been exceptionally pushed caring for my elderly mom as she battled multiple health issues requiring several hospitalizations at the peak of a global pandemic.
Pollyanna de Souza is a student at FeeVale University in Brazil and will graduate in June of 2022. She became a member of the CCA in 2021.
Finally, as I experienced the most painful loss and deepest emptiness of all with my mom's departure, the reservoir within brought life again by giving me strength amidst sorrow to look upward and trust God's timing. He's ordained every day of our lives and is also the One who brings it to its end. I'm forever grateful that the end for my mom was entering an eternal glory that far surpassed all her earthly troubles. In conclusion, 2020 was a year of great confusion, but through these difficulties, I gained a greater spiritual clarity to run the race looking up, building deep, and ever trusting Him.
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Auxiliary Scholarship First Place Award 2021
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In less than twelve months, I've lost five family members, including my father, and finally, my mom. Given so much loss of life, and ultimately with my mama's passing, I have recognized a depth of strength that I did not know I had. The constancy and intensity of these waves of hardship and sorrow were painful, but they have revealed the strength of Christ in me and have taught me three invaluable lessons: 1) truly living life in light of eternity, 2) the importance of having a "spiritual reservoir," and 3) explicitly trusting God's timing. As I witnessed my mom deteriorating, I found solace in the words of 2 Cor. 4:16-18. They kept me from losing heart. Although outwardly she was ``wasting away," I was confident that her acceptance of Jesus' finished work on the cross had prepared her for an eternal glory. Thus, I chose to fix my eyes on the unseen and shift my gaze heavenward. I would love to say that throughout the year I have been steadfast in consistently reading the Word and praying, but I was not. My devotional moments were short, unscheduled, and hectic as the hardships of the season hit me like a wave, quickly pulling me under its current again. This brings me to my second lesson -- how very important it is for us to feed ourselves regularly so that we build a spiritual reservoir. It was this reservoir that kept me "alive" in a horrendous drought. My life mirrored a depleted pond as I experienced one loss after another. However, it did not run dry because of the deep well spring that Christ provides, bringing forth life and giving strength in weakness, peace beyond circumstances, and ultimately, hope eternal.