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The 2019 CCA Auxiliary Scholarship
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“What is unique about being a Christian chiropractor.” by: Jarod Ward Life Chiropractic College West
Jarod Ward
As a Christian who is approaching practicing as a chiropractor, I am so thankful for the impact that my faith will have on my patients. I honestly cannot imagine caring for patients without my faith in the love and goodness of God being ever present with my patients and me. There are many unique aspects to the Christian chiropractor compared to the chiropractor who has yet to believe and trust in Jesus.
The first unique quality of the Christian chiropractor is our life source. As a Christian chiropractor, we receive our life, our sustenance, and our identity from Jesus. We serve our patients from a true fullness. If we have Jesus as our life source, we do not need affirmation or approval from our patients. We can truly pour ourselves out as a drink offering (Philippians 2:17) and come as a living sacrifice of love to each and every patient, asking for nothing in return. We do not need our egos boosted by our patients, for our source is Christ. The second unique quality of the Christian chiropractor is our sense of calling. As Christian chiropractors, we are acting out of love for our patients and obedience to God. There are some chiropractors who are simply chiropractors to make a living, to fulfill themselves, or simply because they wanted to become a chiropractor. While none of these things are inherently wrong, there is a higher calling for the Christian chiropractor. The Christian chiropractor has been called to radically love each patient in order to see each patient come to know the love of God. With each adjustment, x-ray, and diagnostic test, we interweave the aroma of Christ (2 Corinthians 2:15). As Christian chiropractors, we know our calling supersedes our profession. The final unique quality of the Christian chiropractor is our sense of security. As practitioners, we are secure in Christ and so are our patients. We know that our patients’ health does not ultimately rest in our skills, but in the hands of God. And we can rest secure, knowing that God is good and God is a healer of those who need His touch. As we touch the spines of each patient, we can submit to God and ask Him to touch the bodies and hearts of our patients as well - and He is willing. This is a beautiful and
Jarod Ward is a student at Life West in Hayward, CA and will graduate in December 2020. He became a member of the CCA in 2018.
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unique aspect of being a Christian chiropractor. In conclusion, being a chiropractor is a gift, and being a Christian chiropractor is even more meaningful and beautiful. Our relationship with God as Christians will overflow into our persona, our practices, and our patients. The uniqueness of being a Christian chiropractor cannot be overstated, for the power of healing comes from God and the purity of heart of the chiropractor is found in submitting his or her life to Jesus. The Christian chiropractor is unique in that his or her source, sense of calling, and security is found in Jesus, and this is the beauty of being a Christian chiropractor.