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The 2022 CCA Auxiliary Scholarship
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Emma Koelling
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Auxiliary Scholarship Second Place Award #2 - 2022
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“One Unique Gift God has given Me and how I can use that as a Chiropractor.” by: Emma Koelling Life University
I believe that God gives everyone gifts to excel in pursuing the dreams and passions that He bestows upon each individual. The desires of our hearts are unique and allow us to ultimately reach all people with the love of the Lord. A unique gift which God has given me, which I can use as a chiropractor to reach many with the love of the Lord, is compassion. Compassion encompasses taking the perspective of and feeling the
emotions of another person, while also having the desire to help. The heartbreak of others becomes our own, joining in the struggles that others face. Over the years, I have been blessed to travel and serve communities both locally and globally that are suffering. Whether it be from poverty or tornado damage, I have grown a heart of compassion towards those who are walking through hardship. God has shown me more of His heart, cultivating a desire to show compassion to all who cross my path. As a chiropractor, we are given the unique privilege of laying hands on people. We get to truly listen to individuals and hear their story, offering hope in a world full of darkness. By meeting the physical needs of people, the door opens for us to meet their spiritual needs. The Lord has given me the desire and ability to meet people where they are at. Everyone has their own story that deserves to be heard, as well as everyone deserves to feel loved. It overjoys me to think about all of the conversations to come with my future patients! I get the great honor of listening to every patient as an individual and then not only offering them the hope of healing and health, but hope in the Lord! No matter a person's background or life experience, I get the opportunity to step in and ease the sufferings of those who cross my path. As a chiropractor, the Lord has placed me in a unique position to use the beautiful gift of compassion to reach His people! 1 Peter 4:10 states: "As each has received a gift, use it to serve one another, as good stewards of God's varied grace." I am so blessed to see the unique position that I am in, with the gift of compassion that the Lord has given me. This desire to hear the hearts of individuals and meet their physical and spiritual needs will allow me to reach people locally and globally!
Emma Koelling is a student at Life University and plans to graduate in Spring of 2024. She became a member of the CCA in 2021.