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The Evangelical Christian Voice in Chiropractic Since 1953
The 2021 CCA Auxiliary Scholarship
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As with anything in life, challenges foster the opportunity for lessons to be learned. The past year held unrest, pandemics, and political uncertainty. Yet, in the mist of all that, while life attempts to congest our thoughts and take our focus from Christ, He remains ever present. It is evident that 2020's unexpected challenges have created a greater avenue for Christ to further influence my life through spending more time in the Word, being intentional in relationships, and living life on a mission.
Zack Bird is a student at Cleveland University in Kansas City, MO and will graduate in December of 2024. He became a member of the CCA in 2021.
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Auxiliary Scholarship Second Place Award 2021
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“Personal Lessons Christ Taught Me in the Confusion of 2020 by: Zack Bird Cleveland University
Zack Bird
Christ clearly taught me that I need to be more devoted to spending time with Him. Much like any father, He desires us to be in communion with Him and although He is consistent, I at times fall short. Pre-covid, things seemed to be moving at a million miles an hour. While the world, not being fully “open” was not optimal for everyone, I do believe that this was Him giving me the time to slow down and get back to basics. Hearing about difficult news happening in the country along with the world, it was easy to become confused and frustrated. By refocusing my sights on Him and His daily renewal, my perspective of the world changed to where I have become more acute in seeing Him at work. God saw the confusion of last year as an opportunity for me to be more intentional in my everyday relationships with family and friends. I always loved going on mission trips or serving others. To me, it seemed easier to impact those I barely knew, pointing them towards Christ, compared to people I have known my whole life. As travel along with other restrictions were placed on gatherings, Christ taught me that I was making excuses about having impactful conversations with my loved ones even though that should have been a key focus all along. Everyone around me enjoys all the outdoor activities that Colorado has to offer, so what better way to disciple others than in God's beautiful creation! Through utilizing His awe-inspiring work, it allowed for me to have an easier transition bringing faith into a conversation. It was honestly surprising to find some of my family and friends almost yearning to have such a discussion.
I believe that Christ's overarching lesson for me was to lead life on a mission. This almost seems self-evident as He provided us with the great commission. When the world appears to be upside down and confusing, His light shines through. He has called me to shine that light to impact those in my daily interactions. Christ proclaims this in John 7:38, “Whoever believes in me, as the Scripture has said, `Out of his heart will flow rivers of living water.'" Christ has given me His spirit and power to proclaim the gospel. Hearing Him, along with further prioritizing His role in my life, I have a greater opportunity to positively impact and face the ever-challenging world.