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The 2020 CCA Auxiliary Scholarship
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As I pulled up the Christian Chiropractors Association scholarship website, I couldn't help but know that it was in God's timing and with His providence, that this was the question chosen. Never before have we experienced such fear and anxiety as chiropractic students. There has suddenly been a shift from national board exams, conferences, and clinical interactions, to cancellations, unknowns, and pushed-back deadlines. In these times, it is our duty as Christians to respond with grace, patience, understanding, and love. Now more then ever, we can be an example of healing, caring for one another, and demonstrating the chiropractic lifestyle..
In closing, what we know is that fear and anxiety will always be part of our world. This is evident now more than ever. We know not the day nor the hour, so it is important that we stand ready; that we have not a sense of fear, but a sense of trust and preparedness. While this world is full of unknowns, it is only our temporary home. As Christians, we know that God is ever present, ever loving, and full of grace. He does not fail, never falters, and always provides for us. What a blessing and great hope we can lean into and share with others. "Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, let your requests be known to God" (Philippians 4:6-7). Samantha Nielsen is a student at Northwestern University in Bloomington, MN. She is to graduate in December of 2020. She became a member of the CCA in 2018.
Samantha Nielson
Before these circumstances arose, I was preparing for my national board exams. I had laid out a plan and was dedicating much of my time towards the exams. When I found out the dates had changed, I took a moment to pause and reflect. I thought about my part 1 and part 2 exams and how the Lord guided me through my preparations, studies, and certainly taking the exam. As stated in Philippians 4:19, "And my God will meet all your needs according to the riches of his glory in Christ Jesus." I truly believe that it is by the grace of God that I have made it to trimester 9 of 10 in chiropractic school. There have been countless moments where I didn't think I could continue on. Whether the stress became too much, or the late night studies exhausted me, God has never failed me. He provides for me, guides me, and has led me through this season. Furthermore, as Student Senate President at NWHSU, there are many times I have felt inadequate in my role. I have been fearful that my leadership is not adequate and have had anxiety surrounding decisions I have made. I have strived to use these experiences to rely on the Lord and learn for my future as a chiropractor. I know there will be times I feel inadequate to treat a patient's condition or that I do not stack up to others, especially as a young chiropractor. I am working on seeing those situations more as opportunities for growth and to lean on the Lord.
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“How I Deal with Fear and Anxiety in my Journey as a Chiropractic Student.” by: Samantha Nielson Northwestern University
Auxiliary Scholarship Third Place Award 2020
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