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Last Update January 4, 2019
SPACE   FOR   LEASE   -   ALBUQUERQUE   NM   -   Space   in   large chiropractic    clinic    for    lease.        Leave    message    for    Dr.    Gary Peterson 505-244-0672 Posted Oct. 23,18 __________________________________________________ FOR   SALE:    Davlen   Design   waterfall   front   desk   for   sale.   $1,900 or   best   offer.   Pictures   on   request.   Fully   modular   and   assembles easily.   Ph:   908.350.7179   E-mail: .   Posted July. 30,18 __________________________________________________ WANTED   TO   BUY:   Chiropractic   Green   Books.   I   have   a   nice collection   and   would   like   to   add   to   it.   Not   interested   in   recent reprints. E-mail: -- Posted on-going __________________________________________________
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FOR SALE: B J Palmer’s Green Books Vol 1 Narrated by Sigafoose $50.00; A Seminar in Red Deer  with Sigafoose - $50.00                                                     Sigafoose! - $50.00                                                                                                         (these audios are currently listed on internet for $297 ea. Reggie’s Latest Tapes Album 1 “The Philosophy”  $50.00 Reggie’s Latest Tapes Album 3 ”The Application of Philosophy”                  $50.00 Visions and Illusions  by B J Palmer  1947 $15.00                                                           B J Presents  $10.00                                                                                                                  B J Presents   The Chiropractic Foundation $10.00                                                           Stubborn   Fact   STUBBORN   Facts      Stubborn   FACTS         Have You    the    Courage   To    Face   Them    and   Act        by    B    J    Palmer Second Edition Jan 1944 - $15.00               International   Review   of   Chiropractic         Dr   BJ   Palmer   Memorial Issue   $10.00 Contact:   __________________________________________________ FOR    SALE    WonderDoc    EHR    and    practice    management system   at   1/2   retail   price   ($6000.00).      Dr.   retiring   and   is   looking to   sell   EHR   system   for   $3000.00.   Check   out   the   wonderdoc "   chiropractic   ehr   system.   Contact   me   at 603.937.4464   or   email   at    -   Posted Aug.. 3,18 __________________________________________________ NEEDED:      Chiropractors   to   go   on   medical   missions   trip   to Lima,    Peru    and    Patchacutec,    Peru    to    treat    needy    patients there.      This   is   a   Christian   Evangelistic   Outreach   also.      The dates   for   the   trip   are   July   4   through   July   13,   2019.      The   cost per   person   is   approximately   $2500.00.      If   you   are   interested, please    call    Sally    at    614-634-0688.        We    are    working    with medical    doctors    and    Starkey    Foundation    to    help    a    hearing impaired   community   and   a   community   of   single   mothers   with children.- Posted July. 26,18 __________________________________________________ COLORADO     SPRINGS:     Private     investor     looking     for     a chiropractor   that   wants   to   open   and   run   his   or   her   own   practice in   Colorado   Springs!   We   have   invested   in   offices   in   the   past when    docs    are    unable    to    secure    business    funding,    and Colorado   Springs   is   one   of   the   fastest   growing   and   best   places to   live   in   Colorado.      This   is   great   opportunity   to   own   and   run your   own   office   with   business   help   and   without   the   stress   of having   to   secure   funding.   Due   to   some   of   the   connections   in the   area,   a   doc   who   is   a   believer   is   preferred.      Please   email   CV to   Posted Sept. 27,17 __________________________________________________ UTAH   -   Cottonwood   Heights:   Furnished,   Chiropractic   Clinic for   Rent   $2000   Digital   X   Ray,   Cox   Flexion/Distraction Adjusting Table,   Massage   Table,   General   Office   Furniture   1272   Square Feet,    Built    out    4    treatment    Rooms,    Marketing    Office/Break room,    X-ray    room,    Private    Bathroom,    and    Storage    Closets. Video Tour   -- Posted Sept. 1, 17 __________________________________________________
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