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Cabo Mission
Marcos Walks! - God worked this in our hearts, an amazing healing of Marcos began to unfold before our eyes. Marcos is a young man living in Caribe who 3 years ago was sideswiped in an automobile accident and was in coma for a week. He was told he would never walk again and was not able to for 2 years. Also, as a result of this accident, he experienced significant speech difficulties. He was extremely frustrated and depressed. For the past year and a half he had been working weekly with a physical therapist who happened to also be a pastor at the church in Caribe, during which time the church had been praying fervently for him. After a long process of rehab, he was able to stand and shuffle his legs, which was never thought possible. In addition to this huge incident, Marcos' wife left him, which was extremely difficult for him and his son. When presented with the loss of his wife, it was imperative that he improve physically so that he could be a good father to his young son.
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Marcos Walks!