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It is neither the purpose nor practice of the CCA to define or instruct its members on how they shall practice Chiropractic. We are fully aware that the primary focus of the Christian Chiropractors Association is its role as a catalyst for Christian fellowship among Christian Doctors of Chiropractic and the propagation of the faith to our non- Christian colleagues. We are also dedicated to the expansion of the Gospel of Jesus Christ through Chiropractic missions both foreign and domestic. The CCA is supremely desirous to protect, cultivate, and maintain this central, primary focus. To do so, we strongly urge our members to commit to a consistent and systematic study of the Scriptures. The Board of Directors of the Christian Chiropractors Association hereby declares its position in identifying New Age Healing practices in the following way: Because our members frequently ask where the CCA stands on the subject of New Age and its encroachment into the healing arts, and in Chiropractic in particular, and because the influential Christian leaders and writers in the U.S. and abroad will use a “broad brush” in defining Chiropractic as being in the “New Age” arena, the Board of Directors was compelled to declare its position. If the technique itself or its manner of utilization fails any of the four tests outlined below, then the CCA would consider that procedure New Age.
The four tests below can help discern practices which may be effective in bringing about healing but which may not be acceptable to the created order of God. 1. If the healing is of a supernatural nature, employing procedures which transcend the laws of nature, involving some miracle or miraculous event, and not performed in the same manner as healing which has been described in Scripture, it is probably not of God. 2. If the healing is associated with, or derived from, a pagan religion which is not biblical Christianity, it may be a fraudulent spirit doing the healing. 3. If the healing is apparently neutral as far as spiritual or religious connections are concerned but it uses methods which are not utilizing God’s created order, e.g., it is not according to the natural law of anatomical or physiological circuitry, it is probably the work of a fraudulent spirit. (It should be noted that prayer to the Living God can be used in healing, even though it is not a method following God’s created order of anatomical circuitry. The important thing to ask is, to whom are we praying? God can and will heal through prayer, but so does Satan through his false spirits if prayers are directly or indirectly focused away from God.) 4. If the healing utilizes occult energy fields and forces which are associated with astrology, occult practices, animal magnetism, energy balancing, hypnotism, mind control, etc. it may be working with a fraudulent spirit. Note: Anyone who claims to be holistic and who claims to perform acts of healing on the whole man — body, mind, soul and spirit — is claiming something which only the Spirit of God is able to do. Acts of healing of the body only, are within the power of Satan and his followers but Christ’s healing was more spiritual than it was physical and involved the spirit of man as well as the body. This, man, in his natural state, just cannot do and neither can Satan. More Articles on New Age and New Age Healing
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