The Essence of Philosophy of Chiropractic

by Glenn M. Hultgren, D.C.

The best physician is the one who does the least to interfere with the patient's ability to heal himself.

As physicians we know that there is within the body an immaterial nature, as well as the physical material nature. It is this immaterial nature which regulates the beat of the heart, digests food in the stomach, excretes wastes through the kidneys, fights disease and infection with the white blood cells, carries nutrients to all parts of the body and keeps the body functioning at its utmost for as long as possible.

Some call this immaterial nature "life essence;" some call it "soul;" some call it "life;" but Doctors of Chiropractic call it "innate." Whatever you wish to call it, it is life. When our creator God took elements from the earth and formed physical man, He breathed into man that immaterial nature called life, and man became a living soul. That life or soul or innate is then passed from one generation to he next, giving like qualities of life to each succeeding generation. The unbeliever may describe the same phenomenon in terms of metaphysical energy and life essence.

We chiropractors believe that it is this immaterial nature which, more than any other factor, is responsible for health and well being of the body. We also believe that a sick or injured body is best healed and repaired when this nature is allowed to do its job. Two thousand five hundred years ago Aristotle described this phenomenon and called it "vitalism."

As doctors of Chiropractic we believe that the vitalistic concept or immaterial nature controls the body primarily through the nervous system. Our practice of chiropractic therefore is that of working to keep the nervous system at its optimal functioning level. As the spine is the bodily structure which protects the nerves, it is also the structure which can cause the most impingement on the nervous system. Therefore, we are trained in the analysis of spinal function and its effects on the nerves. Any deviation from proper bony alignment, we believe, can cause interference in function of the nervous system and may result in some loss of function in the organs or tissues supplied by the nerves thus affected.

This being the philosophical basis for chiropractic, we then base our art and practice on this philosophy. Through various means of examination, we can find spinal deviations, and through our techniques, we can make corrections in the bony framework which will release stress, interference, impingement or irritation on nerves and allows the body to better control function through the nervous system. Dozens of different methods have developed over the years of applying this practice.