The Cure for the Terminal Condition of Sin
Why Are We Here? The Cure for the Terminal Condition of Sin
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                  You   could   not   take   your   next   breath   if   it   was   not   part   of   God’s   plan   for   your   life.   The real   question   before   us   is   “Why   are   we   here?”   What   is   our   purpose   for   being?   Does   anyone   feel   qualified   to answer   that   question?   I   know   there   was   a   time   in   my   life   where   I   didn’t. This   started   me   on   a   journey   to   search   the Scriptures for the answer. In   Luke   19:10,   Jesus   states   His   purpose   for   being   on   this   earth.   Luke   19:10,   “For   the   Son   of   man   is   come   to seek   and   to   save   that   which   was   lost.”   This   is   a   very   powerful   passage,   and   it   leaves   very   little   room   for   questions. As   a   Christian,   I   am   thankful   that   Christ   came   for   us,   but   this   is   not   our   mission   because   there   is   only   one   who can save. 1 Timothy 2:5, “For there is one God, and one mediator between God and men, the man Christ Jesus.”   This   is   the   reason   that   Christ   came,   but   why   are   we   here?   Jesus   tells   us   our   purpose.   Mark   16:15,   “And   he said   unto   them,   Go   ye   into   all   the   world,   and   preach   the   Gospel   to   every   creature.”    Now   I   know   what   some   of   you are   thinking,   “I’m   not   a   preacher!”    The   passage   doesn’t   say   that   you   must   be   a   “preacher,”    it   says   that   you   should preach, or proclaim the Gospel. I can already feel the anxiety building! I   would   like   to   share   a   scenario   with   you.   Let’s   say   that   you   have   gotten   the   best   education   possible,   and   that you   are   on   the   leading   edge   of   research   and   technology   in   the   healthcare   field.   It   has   been   said   that   you   are   the best   doctor   in   the   country,   possibly   even   the   world.   You   have   been   able   to   help   countless   patients   to   complete recovery   when   other   healthcare   professionals   could   not.      You   have   a   very   busy   and   successful   practice,   and   you enjoy going into work every day. One   day   you   find   yourself   walking   into   a   room   to   give   a   Report   of   Findings   to   your   patient,   who   happens   to   be a   26   year-old   mother   of   2,   who   is   happily   married   to   a   young   man   serving   in   the   military.   As   you   enter   the   room, you   see   the   father   has   come   home,   and   he   is   with   his   wife   and   their   two   children;   laughing,   hugging   one   another, excited   to   just   be   together.   And   then   you   hear   your   patient,   the   young   mother,   tell   her   children   “Now   children, please   sit   down   and   be   quiet   while   the   doctor   is   here,   and   when   we   are   finished   we   will   go   out   and   celebrate   that your daddy is home.”  Then all eyes turn to you as you put the x-rays up in the view box. And then 
These    same    instructions    apply    to    us    today!    What    is    “the    work    of    an evangelist”?   An   evangelist   is   to   share   the   Gospel/The   Good   News.   God   gives us   the   how   and   why   we   share   the   Gospel   in   Rom   10:14-17,   “How   then   shall they   call   on   Him   in   whom   they   have   not   believed?   and   how   shall   they   believe   in Him    of    whom    they    have    not    heard?    and    how    shall    they    hear    without    a preacher?   And   how   shall   they   preach,   except   they   be   sent?”   as   it   is   written, How   beautiful   are   the   feet   of   them   that   preach   the   Gospel   of   peace,   and   bring glad   tidings   of   good   things!   But   they   have   not   all   obeyed   the   gospel.   For   Esaias saith,   Lord,   who   hath   believed   our   report?   So   then   faith   cometh   by   hearing,   and hearing   by   the   Word   of   God.”    The   last   part   of   2   Timothy   4:5   says   to   “make   full proof   of   thy   ministry.”    Ask   yourself,   are   you   using   your   God-given   abilities making “full proof of thy ministry?” Dr.   Adam    Reed     is    the    president    of    Caring    Partners    International ,    which    equips    Bible- believing   churches   to   meet   the   healthcare   needs   of   the   lost   and   dying   around   the   world   and share   the   message   of   salvation.      He   is   a   1991   graduate   of   Life   University   and   joined   the CCA in 2010.  He is a CCA-supported missionary.    PDF of this article - click here
Adam G. Reed, D.C. Middletown, OH
Recently, I was asked to speak at a global healthcare conference about the subject of “Intentional Evangelism.”   I gladly accepted the offer, but as I collected my thoughts on the subject, I began to realize that God has given all of us many different   skills   and   abilities.   Most   of   you   reading   this   article   have   been   given   the   ability   to be   a   chiropractor.   There   are   people   every   day   that   come   into   your   office,   but   have   you asked   yourself   why   that   specific   person   and   why   your   office?   Some   may   say   that   it   is because   of   your   marketing   skill,   some   may   say   it   is   because   of   your   reputation   for   great quality   care,   but   we   also   have   the   tendency   to   forget   that   God   is   the   one   that   has provided all these things for us.
you   notice   something   on   the   x-ray,   a   cotton   ball-like   mass   in   the   lung   field.   Your heart   drops,   you   look   at   the   family,   then   back   at   the   films.   "If   I   tell   this   patient what   I   see   and   what   I   think   this   means,   that   she   has   cancer,   what   is   this   going   to do   to   this   family?   No   more   laughing,   no   more   celebration   that   daddy   is   home,   the news   will   be   devastating!”      But,   if   you   do   not   tell   her,   they   will   still   have   their joyous celebration, but the cancer will take her eventually. The   question   I   have   for   you   is   what   kind   of   doctor   would   you   be   if   you   did not   tell   her?   As   a   Christian   we   see   people   every   day   that   have   a   terminal condition   of   their   soul.   We   cannot   heal   them,   but   we   know   a   Great   Physician   that we   can   refer   them   to,   and   He   has   never   lost   a   single   patient   that   has   submitted to   His   treatment.   He   has   a   100%   success   rate!   What   kind   of   Christian   would   you be   if   you   did   not   tell   someone   of   the   cure   for   their   terminal   condition   of   the   soul? This   scenario   is   played   out   in   our   offices   every   day.   The   responsibilities   of   being a   doctor   have   driven   some   to   leave   the   profession. As   a   Christian,   we   cannot   quit being   a   child   of   God.   Why   do   we   put   ourselves   under   such   pressure?   Why   would God   ask   us   to   do   something   like   this?   Then   we   read   Romans   5:8,   “   But   God commendeth   His   love   toward   us,   in   that,   while   we   were   yet   sinners,   Christ   died for   us.”       John   3:16-17   “For   God   so   loved   the   world,   that   He   gave   His   only begotten   Son,   that   whosoever   believeth   in   Him   should   not   perish,   but   have everlasting   life.   For   God   sent   not   His   Son   into   the   world   to   condemn   the   world; but   that   the   world   through   Him   might   be   saved.”    Since   God   did   all   this   for   us,   is there anything that He could ask of you that would be too
much?   The   things   that   are   important   to   Jesus   should   be   important   to   us,   and   He   is   asking   us   to   help   Him   get   the good news of the Gospel out to the entire world; the cure for the terminal condition of sin. As   I   mentioned   earlier,   God   has   given   us   all   gifts.   God   has   a   purpose   for   making   us   who   we   are.   We   have patients   who   come   in   to   our   offices   from   all   walks   of   life. As   I   began   to   see   my   patients   as   precious,   lost   souls   like Christ   sees   them,   my   heart   began   to   change.   During   this   time   God   gave   me   a   passage   of   scripture   that   resulted in   my   leaving   my   practice   and   surrendering   to   full-time   ministry.   The   passage   was   1   Peter   4:10-11,   “Asevery   man hath   received   the   gift,   even   so   minister   the   same   one   to   another,   as   good   stewards   of   the   manifold   grace   of   God. If   any   man   speak,   let   him   speak   as   the   oracles   of   God;   if   any   man   minister,   let   him   do   it   as   of   the   ability   which   God giveth:   that   God   in   all   things   may   be   glorified   through   Jesus   Christ,   to   whom   be   praise   and   dominion   for   ever   and ever. Amen.” I   realized   that   “the   gift”   is   the   Gospel   and   that   my   God-given   “ability”   is   to   be   a   chiropractor.   This   ability   is not   just   given   to   us   to   be   a   blessing   to   others:   it   is   given   to   us   for   a   purpose.   Proverbs   18:16,   “A   man’s   gift   maketh room   for   him,   and   bringeth   him   before   great   men.”   God   has   a   plan   for   us,   and   He   wants   our   abilities   to   give   us   an opportunity   to   do   this   one   thing:   share   the   Gospel.   In   2   Timothy,   God   tells   young   Timothy,   through   Paul,   what   he   s to   do   with   the   abilities   and   responsibilities   he   has   been   given.   2   Timothy   4:5,   “But   watch   thou   in   all   things,   endure afflictions, do the work of an evangelist, make full proof of thy ministry.”