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PRACTICE   FOR   SALE:   WOODWARD,   OKLAHOMA   $107,000 OR   BEST   OFFER.   This   practice   has   served   a   large   county   for 19   years.      It   is   an   all   cash   practice.      Major   techniques   are instrument   (Impulse),   Diversified,   Myofascial   release,   Cold   laser and   Kinesiotape.      This   is   a   second   practice   that   needs   a   full time    doctor.       Transition    is    included    in    the    sale    price    and    is coached   by   Dr.   Tom   Morgan.      Contact   Dr.   Morgan   today   for   a two   page   profile:    770-748-6084   -   Posted Jan. 15,19 ww ___________________________________________________ SCOTTSDALE            AZ            -            PRACTICE            FOR            SALE:           Beautiful   Scottsdale      AZ:      AK/Diversified      practice      for      sale.     Busy,well   established,high      profit/low      overhead.The      clinic      is     located      in      a   health-conscious,         upscale         community         and        has         good         freeway   access.   Money   down   not   necessary.   The     doctor      is      retiring.   Contact      him      at    for further information. Posted Jan 4,19 ___________________________________________________ PRACTICE   FOR   SALE:   One   hour   north   of   Milwaukee   on   the beautiful    shores    of    Lake    Michigan    in    Sheboygan,    WI    is    an established   (12   Year   old)   practice   to   sell.   Last   year   grossed $267,000.   Mission   is   to   provide   specific   chiropractic   neurology adjusting       with       spinal       rehabilitation/fitness       along       with diet/nutrition   and   detoxification.   The   office   is   turn-key   state-of- the-art   facility   that   is   move   in   ready.   It   includes   electronic   heath record   certification   with   chiro   touch   software,   x-ray,   MC,MA   and major   insurances.   Space   lease   is   transferable.   All   chiropractic equipment,   Computers   and   great   staff   stay.   Motivated   seller. Priced   to   sell.   Please   email   or   call   920- 917-8227 for more information. - Posted Dec. 27,18 ___________________________________________________ X-RAY   EQUIPMENT   FOR   SALE:   plus   a   film   processor   in   Good working   condition   or   Upgrade   it   to   Digital!   Make   your   Best   Offer today!   It's   a   good   deal!   Call   269-471-3006   or   text   269-240-5656 - Posted Dec. 3,18 ___________________________________________________ FREE   but   must   pick   up   in   Illinois:   4   surgical   lights,   2   incubator lights,   1   infant   scale.      If   interested   call   Dr.   Hoagland   618-562- 0145   Posted Oct. 17,18 ___________________________________________________ PRACTICE   FOR   SALE:   Established   high   profit   margin   practice in   a   small   midwest   town   with   tremendous   opportunity   for   growth.     Currently   operating   ten   hours   per   week   and   seeing   50+   patient visits.        Super    low    overhead.    Listed    at    only    $50,000    for    the practice    and    all    the    equipment.        DC    utilizes    instrument    and manual    adjusting    techniques.        Financing    available.        Please email or call 605-929-6616. ___________________________________________________ CHIROPRACTIC PRACTICE FOR SALE IN ASHEVILLE, NC: Enjoy   the   best   of   North   Carolina’s   Mountain   and   City   Life   in   one of   the   greatest   cities   in   all   the   world.   If   you   have   great   manual spine   and   extremity   adjusting   skills,   you   will   have   an   opportunity to   put   them   to   work   as   the   new   owner   of   this   thriving   practice. Current   owner   is   ready   to   slow   down.      The   practice   is   going strong   and   growing   seeing   over   36   New   Patients   per   month working   4   days   a   week   with   very   little   advertising.   Bring   your desire    to    own,    your    skills    and    motivation    and    you    will    find yourself   surrounded   by   a   thriving   practice   and   holding   the   keys to   ownership   and   living   your   dreams!   Avoid   the   risks   of   starting from    scratch    and    the    long,    slow    painful    climb    towards    DIY- success.   By   owning   this   practice,   you’ll   be   on   the   fast-track   to your   dreams   and   you’ll   benefit   from   decades   of   solid   systems   in place   to   run   this   business   smoothly.      PLUS,   you’ll   have   the mentoring   you   need   to   guide   you   through   being   a   Business Owner,   as   the   present   owner   is   committed   to   ensuring   your successful   transition   towards   ownership   and   is   willing   to   stay   for an   extended   transition   &   work   for   you   (if   desired).   Few   places can   match   the   lifestyle,   the   world-class   city   amenities   or   the outdoor    beauty    of    Asheville    AND    when    you    combine    those features   with   the   excellent   compensation   opportunity   as   a   new owner   AND   a   built-in   mentor,   coach   or   your   own   associate   (if desired),   you   truly   have   a   can’t   afford   to   miss   opportunity!   If   you are   still   interested   and   share   our   Christian   values   of   honesty, integrity,   respect,   kindness   and   sense   of   social   responsibility. Great!      Email   me    and   let   me   know why   you   feel   this   is   your   perfect   opportunity.   PLEASE   do   NOT call the office and clog things up. ___________________________________________________ FOR   SALE   PRACTICE   NORTH   OF   NYC:   34   Year   Established Chiropractic/Wellness/Pain    Practice    Partnership    Opportunity.      Solidly   established,   successful   clinic   looking   to   partner   with   a dynamic   Doctor   of   Chiropractic. Turnkey   opportunity   for   the   right person.      Our   clinic   has   an   exceptional   location   next   to   a   town park   and   spring-fed   lake   on   a   busy   highway   with   high   visibility. We're   in   the   town   of   East   Fishkill   in   the   beautiful   Hudson   Valley of    New    York    just    one    hour    north    of    NYC,    in    a    growing community   with   a   median   family   income   of   $135,625.   Practice continues    to    grow    from    referrals.    We    have    a    solid    internet presence,   consistently   enjoying   the   highest   positions   on   search engines,   and   5   Stars   on   review   websites.   Knowledgeable   staff and    offer    a    fast-paced    wellness    clinic    including    manual    and instrument   adjusting,   physiotherapy,   and   medical   massage.   We offer   convenient   patient   service   hours   in   a   warm   and   friendly contemporary   office.   We   are   well   respected   in   the   community working   regularly   with   medical   referrals.   Owner   financing   may be   available   for   a   qualified   doctor.   Please   call   Phil   at   386-283- 4396   or   email .   All   inquiries   will   be   held confidential.        Please        see        the        Video        Tour        at:    - Posted   Aug 27,18 ___________________________________________________
MANCHESTER,   NH   CHIROPRACTIC   CLINIC   FOR   SALE: Work Just   4   Hours   a   Day   |   $138,000   Net   Income   |   Real   Estate   Also Available | No Weekends: ___________________________________________________ FOR SALE: B J Palmer’s Green Books Vol 1 Narrated by Sigafoose $50.00; A Seminar in Red Deer  with Sigafoose - $50.00                                                     Sigafoose! - $50.00                                                                                                         (these audios are currently listed on internet for $297 ea. Reggie’s Latest Tapes Album 1 “The Philosophy”  $50.00 Reggie’s Latest Tapes Album 3 ”The Application of Philosophy”                  $50.00 Visions and Illusions  by B J Palmer  1947 $15.00                                                           B J Presents  $10.00                                                                                                                  B J Presents   The Chiropractic Foundation $10.00                                                           Stubborn   Fact   STUBBORN   Facts      Stubborn   FACTS         Have   You the   Courage   To   Face   Them   and   Act      by   B   J   Palmer   Second Edition Jan 1944 - $15.00               International   Review   of   Chiropractic         Dr   BJ   Palmer   Memorial Issue   $10.00 Contact:      ___________________________________________________ PRACTICE     FOR     SALE     IN     ATLANTA     SUBURB:     11-year superbly    appointed    practice    located    in    Georgia,    has    income exceeding   $510,000.00   per   year,   and   allows   the   doctor   to   put $280,000.00/year   in   his   pocket,   in   only   a   3-½   work   week.   40%   is cash   and   this   efficient   practice   only   has   a   40%   overhead.   Office includes   $160,000.00   worth   of   state   of   the   art   equipment   and technology.   Recently   renovated   with   modern   architecture,   digital xray,     new     chiro     tables,     multiple     therapy     units,     acoustic compression,      state   of   the   art   computer   system   and   technology throughout   including   Chirotouch   software.   Community   contacts have   been   cultivated   and   are   in   place   for   the   incoming   doctor, attorneys,     doctors,     local     business     owners,     clergy,     school superintendents   and   teachers.   Practice   is   located   35   minutes south   of Atlanta   in   a   community   that   has   been   named   year   after year   as   one   of   the   10   top   areas   to   raise   a   family   by   USA   Today. Doctor   is   relocating   to   be   with   family   but   will   be   available   for   a smooth    transition.        To    find    out    more    please    click    this    link - chiropractic/ ___________________________________________________ PRACTICE   FOR   SALE:   21-year-old   practice   in   Bucks   County Pa   across   from   a   University   on   one   of   Bucks   County's   busiest roads.   80-100k   per   year   collections   in   only   2   1/2   day   work   week. Fully    equipped.    Perfect    start    up    clinic.    Dr.    relocating    to    NJ. Contact Dr. Duddy 215-262-4810 - - Posted May 21,18   ___________________________________________________ OREGON    COAST:    One    of    the    fastest    growing    practices    in Oregon   or   anywhere.      Averaging   over   40   new   patient   visits   a month   working   3-½   days   a   week!      Turnkey   operation,   very   well- trained   staff   and   an   external   billing   company.      Collecting   ~25- 30k/month.      Excellent   location   and   almost   all   equipment   less than   2   1/2   years   old.      Why   buy   a   practice   that's   seen   better   days when   you   can   have   one   that   is   rock   solid   and   flying   like   a   rocket.     All   this   and   the   beautiful   Oregon   coast!   $249,900.   For   more information   go   to clinic-overview-information/    password    is    Superclinic    --    Posted January 29,18   ___________________________________________________ TAMPA   FL   PRACTICE   FOR   SALE:   Priced   BELOW   Appraised Value!    This    referral    based,    Diversified/Thompson    practice    is located    in    the    beautiful    Tampa    bedroom    community    of    Lutz, Florida.    Northern    Hillsborough    and    Southern    Pasco    Counties are    among    the    most    rapidly    developing    areas    in    the    state. Excellent   visibility,   adjacent   to   a   major   intersection   with   high volume   traffic.   Easy   access   and   plenty   of   parking.   Well-equipped and   efficiently   laid   out   1200   s/f   clinic   with   X-Ray.   CONTACT   US TODAY     for     financial     and     statistical     information!     Creative financing          available.          Ph:          704-575-6401,          Email:   -- Posted January 25,18 ___________________________________________________ OKLAHOMA   PRACTICE   FOR   SALE:   Tulsa   area.   Great   well established      practice   in   a   small   lake   community.      Tremendous growth   and   wonderful   chiropractic   patients.   Time   to   retire,   must sell   by   May.   Will   stay   for   smooth   transition.   Asking   $45,000   or best   offer.   May   consider   partial   finance   with   down   payment.   Call 918-850-2688 for more information. -- Posted January 8,18 ___________________________________________________ EQUIPMENT   FOR   SALE:    Chiropractor   turned   attorney   selling COMPLETE   office   to   include:   complete   X-ray   set   up,   adjusting   / therapy       tables,       exercise       equipment,       channel       letter "CHIROPRACTOR",    EMS    /    interferrential,    ultrasound,    waiting room   equipment,   office   equipment,   and   much   more.      Contact   at    and    I    can    send    you    pictures    of equipment.      Equipment   can   be   seen   and   picked   up      in   McAllen, Texas. E-mail:   -   Posted January 2,18 ___________________________________________________ ASHEVILLE,    NC     Christian    practice    for    sale    in    suburbs    of Asheville,    NC.    Practice    is    2    years    old    and    grossed    about $100,000   the   second   year.   Healthy   mix   of   cash/insurance   (about 50/50).    Large    office    space    and    very    low    overhead    of    only $2,000/mo.   Systems   are   in   place   for   an   easy   transition   and   new doc   should   recoup   the   investment   in   4   months.   Need   a   buyer   by April   2018.   Only   asking   $16,000   which   includes   a   used   roller table. First come first served. Email: Posted Nov. 9,17 ___________________________________________________
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